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Two children's baseball teams from the Municipal Academies represent Managua in a national tournament

Starting this Friday, January 18, Managua participates in the national children's baseball tournament that will be held in two venues, Matagalpa and León; The capital is represented by two teams formed in the baseball academies organized and promoted by the Mayor of Managua.

There are 38 little balls grouped into two categories A and AA, those in charge of playing their best role and defending the title of champions that they won last year, the children were sworn in by Vice Mayor Enrique Armas and received their uniforms sponsored by the Mayor's Office.

"What are we?" Was the question that the Vice Mayor asked the two teams three times, and they answered "Champions".

“You children are the future of baseball, in ten years you will be in Los Pomares, in ten years you will go abroad, to Venezuela, to Mexico, to represent us and fight for a championship, children who play sports are disciplined in everything, that is the way to success and victory, ”said Armas.

There are 21 teams that participate in the national children's baseball tournament, divided into three groups A, B, C and the games will be in the cities of Matagalpa and León.

"The two teams are well prepared for this tournament, the children trained for 6 months and the challenge is to return as two-time champions, the kids are determined to maintain and retain the title of champions they won last year," were the words of the manager of both teams Ángela Rodríguez.

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