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Decent housing program benefits protagonist of the Loma de Chico Pelón neighborhood

The program of decent and solidary housing that the Central Government executes with the support of the people and Government of China (Taiwan), in coordination with the Municipal Government, delivered on Wednesday, January 16, the house number 43.

Reyna Rueda, Mayor of Managua, explained the scope of the project in the neighborhood and throughout the capital.

“This project allows us to change the lives of the affected families and the miracle of changing the lives of the families is possible thanks to the political will of our Government led by Commander Daniel and Vice President Rosario Murillo and the ties of friendship and solidarity with the brother people of China (Taiwan), with this house we have changed the lives of 43 families and we thank God who allows us to accompany our people ”.

The Ambassador of China (Taiwan), Jaime Chi Mu Wu, highlighted the work of the municipality and the importance of taking advantage of resources to improve the lives of the protagonists.

“We are witnesses to the work of the Government of Reconciliation and National Unity led by President Ortega and of the Mayor's Office team that is there pending the families affected by natural disasters, the people of Taiwan know the projects that are being carried out here with the funds that are well invested and made the most of for the benefit of families. "

The protagonist Nubia de los Angeles Benedick, has 23 years of living in the neighborhood, she washes and irons to get ahead and together with her husband they procreated 5 children.

“My husband, my children and I feel happy and grateful to Commander Daniel, this new house is a true miracle, one day I came from work the kids told me that they had come to find us and that they would build us a new house, It seemed like a lie and in those days my house was about to fall because it was badly damaged ”.

In the Loma de Chico Pelón neighborhood, 250 families live and one of the greatest achievements of the work of this building administration is that 95 percent of its streets are covered and with this delivery of housing the lives of 11 families have been changed only in this neighborhood.

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