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Mayor's Office starts sale of 2019 bearing sticker

As of this week, the Managuas will be able to acquire the rolling sticker of the year 2019, as mandated by Law 856 that regulates the Vehicle Traffic Regime, according to the Law the citizens of the capital have the months from January to March to acquire it.

The Vice Mayor Enrique Armas, explained that vehicle owners will be able to acquire the sticker in the boxes set up in the collection offices of the Civic Center and in the district offices, in the Municipal Deposit and in the post that is enabled in the Luis Alfonso Velásquez park Flowers.

Armas explained that the prices of the categories are maintained and retirees when presenting their card will receive their sticker totally free.

“The prices of the 13 categories remain the same, light vehicles such as motorcycles will pay 50 cordobas, private light 100 cordobas, taxis and vans for commercial use 125 cordobas, minibuses for commercial use 150 cordobas, industrial use vehicles will pay from 75 cordobas to 800 cordobas.

At the same time, people who are retired and present the circulation in their name and the retiree card will receive the sticker totally free ”.

Eduardo Gaitán, Collection Director, explained that this year it is planned to sell a little more than 250 thousand stickers and the payment of the same can also be made online through the financial system and at the SERVIGOB offices.

“In 2018 with the sale of stickers we raised 27.5 million córdobas, of the 13 categories that exist, the number one in demand was private light vehicles, then followed by motorcycles with 80 thousand motorcycles and the third place was occupied, light commercial vehicles. This year we hope to raise a little more ”.

Gaitán explained that Law 856 mandates that owners have three months to acquire the stickers and once the time expires, the Law applies a fine of 100 cordobas.

The car owners attention boxes will be from 8:00 in the morning until 5:00 in the afternoon.

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