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The General Budget of Income and Expenses of 2019 is approved

In the ordinary session number 11 of the Managua Council, the General Income and Exit Budget was approved, as well as its corresponding Annual Investment Plan for the year 2019.

It is important to note that this budget was built using the model of Citizen Power and Direct Democracy, through the proposals presented and prepared in conjunction with the organized community, prioritizing the projects and programs of greatest need for families in the capital.

The general budget for the year 2019 was projected at 4 thousand 707 million 402 thousand 634 córdobas; of which come 75 million 525 thousand 870 cash cordobas or initial balance; 2 Thousand 986 Million 700 Thousand córdobas of Ordinary Income; extraordinary income is quantified at 1 thousand 645 million 176 thousand 764 Córdobas.

The investment of this budget will be allocated in 2 items, Current Expense, which represents the 26% with an amount of 1,243 Million 314 Thousand 128 Córdobas; In Capital Expenditure, 3,464 Million 88,000 506 Córdobas will be invested, which represents 74% of the total amount; for the execution of 625 works, infrastructure projects, road improvement, storm drainage, social, cultural and environmental programs, as well as for the maintenance of works.

Likewise, in this session the second modification to the municipal budget for this year 2018 was approved, which is quantified in 4,560 million 605 thousand 687 Córdobas; of which 137 Million 791 Thousand 721 Cordobas come from cash or initial balance, 3 Thousand 82 Million 922 Thousand 33 Cordobas from Ordinary Income and 1 Thousand 339 Million 891 Thousand 933 Cordobas from Extraordinary Income.

Of these revenues, 1 Thousand 343 Million 146 Thousand 258 Córdobas are used for current expenses and 3.217 Million 459 Thousand 429 Córdobas for capital expenditure.

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