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More than a thousand caponiers gathered on the track of Paseo Xolotlán

In an atmosphere of joy and festivity, the final caponier competition took place on the Paseo Xolotlán track, where more than 1 thousand motorcycle taxis arrived to witness and bar in this competitive event.

The event took place in a family and community atmosphere, which began at 10 in the morning with the arrival of the caponiers who came down from the different municipalities of the Managua department, as well as from the different sectors of the capital municipality, in a parade that was observed on Avenida de Bolívar a Chávez, Carretera Norte or La Dupla Sur.

The competition was held on Sunday, December 16 and developed through a elimination of 22 competitive hits; In which the caponera of Gerson Pérez from the municipality of Managua came out as the winner.

The activity was chaired by Comrade Enrique Armas, Vice Mayor of Managua, who said that this competition is part of the recreational and family leisure activities promoted by Good Government.

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