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Volleyball League ends in Luis Alfonso Velásquez Flores Park

With much enthusiasm and harmony, the second division men's and women's volleyball league ended, which took place on the Luis Alfonso Velásquez Flores park courts.

This second division volleyball league was organized by the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua in which 12 teams of different genders participated, who in 2 months competed to reach first place.

On Sunday, December 16, the final games of this league were held in which the female and male champions were the U23 teams, the second and third place for men were the Manahuath and COIRSA teams respectively, in women the second place was obtained the team of Masaya and Ladies from Managua the third place.

Like this league, the Municipality through the Sports Directorate develops every weekend, different sports activities of basketball, soccer, baseball, swimming and boxing in the different public spaces with sports infrastructure in our capital city.

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