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Families waste joy and culture in the reopening of their parks

More than 3,000 inhabitants of the region celebrated the reopening of the November 4 park with a cultural fan, clowns, jumps, face painting and contests, with the support of the Supreme Court of Justice in coordination with the Mayor's Office of Managua.

The reopening of the park was held this Sunday, December 9, in celebration of the recent Mariana festivities and during the act the attending children also received toys.

The park has two areas: one for children's games and the other with a multipurpose court where the older kids can play soccer, basketball and volleyball.

The Vice Mayor of Managua, Enrique Armas, stated that “this park was destroyed and with the support of the Supreme Court, the mesh was repaired, the field was fixed, new lights were installed, paint was installed, the roundabouts were repaired and more than 200 linear meters were installed. of mesh, among other improvements, brothers and sisters, this is only achieved with the political will of our Commander Daniel and Compañera Rosario who support, promote sports and healthy recreation for our youth and children ”.

He pointed out that these activities are lived in victorious December “in which we are all enjoying, thanks to the work that President Daniel Ortega and Vice President Rosario Murillo have done, benefiting children, youth, families, bringing recreation and fun ”.

Berman Martínez, Secretary General of the Supreme Court of Justice, said he was happy to see the joy of the children. "That is one of the purposes of our Good Government, to see families in peace, recreation and tranquility."

The inauguration of parks also took place in other sectors of Managua, in Sabana Grande, District VII; in El Rodeito in District VI and in the Ángel Valentino neighborhood in District V, on December 6, 7, 8 and 9, days when Nicaraguans celebrate the Immaculate Conception of María.

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