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Municipal Delegation of the city of Quepos visits Nicaragua

A Municipal Delegation from the city of Quepos, Costa Rica, visited Nicaragua with the aim of strengthening ties of friendship and work in the tourist experiences of both countries, the visit took place three weeks after a twinning between the cities of Quepos had been signed. , Managua, Granada, San Juan del Sur and Rivas.

The Delegation is chaired by the Vice Mayor of the city of Quepos, Mr. Erick Cordero, the president of the Chamber of Industry and Tourism, Mr. Larry Bollard, the city councilor and members of tourism companies.

The Mayor of Managua, comrade Reyna Rueda, explained that the twinning will open up new horizons to boost tourism.

"We are flattered by the visit of our brothers from Quepos and we welcome them with open arms to grow together in the tourist experiences of our cities, joining our efforts so that the tourism of our cities grow together."

The Vice Mayor of Quepos, Mr. Erick Cordero, stated that the development of Central America begins when it is integrated as a single region.

“We understand that we will be able to develop more in tourism, when we begin to see ourselves as a single region, there are millions of tourists from other continents who come to Mexico and if we join together and present a tourist offer as a region, those tourists will come to all of Central America benefiting to all countries, brothers and sisters must shake hands through thick and thin ”.

The president of the Chamber of Tourism, Larry Bollard, explained that it is very important that internationally it is known that everything is normal in Nicaragua.

“We in Quepos are clear that we are not an island and thousands of tourists arrive a year, those tourists can come here or those who come here can go there, Nicaragua is a beautiful country, with beautiful natural resources and a unique gastronomy, it is important let tourists know that everything is normal here and that there is safety for visitors ”.

For three days, the delegation toured Avenida Bolívar, Salvador Allende port, Granada and Rivas to learn about the country's tourism offer.

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