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Families of Colonia Américas 1 celebrate bullfighting day for peace

The Municipal Government together with the Committee of the Culonas Cows of Managua held this weekend, a bullfighting afternoon in Colonia Américas 1, with the popular riding and bullfight organized to celebrate the times of peace experienced by the Nicaraguan people when the end of year partys.

Hundreds of attendees were able to enjoy the bravery and skill of the riders, the spectators felt pure adrenaline at the highest level, as the bulls were released in the circuit built on the main street of the colony.

 The bullfighting afternoon was lively with philharmonic and marimba music and as night fell, it closed with a flourish to the rhythm of Xolobatucada, the group La Clave and fireworks.

The exit of the first bull was given by Vice Mayor Enrique Armas, who stressed that today the people celebrate the peace that has returned to Nicaraguan homes and that throughout the month of December they will be carrying out similar activities in the neighborhoods of the capital.

“Today we enjoy together with the families of District VII a pleasant afternoon with music and without missing the bull riding, this is a popular and cultural activity that is enjoyed by young people, children and adults, we also closed with a flourish with the participation of musical groups, this is the first day of activities that will be carried out in all neighborhoods and municipalities celebrating the times of peace that we live in, ”said Armas.

"Today more than ever we enjoy our customs, our folklore and gastronomy, here we see how the Government of the Commander Daniel Ortega and Compañera Rosario Murillo, support the people and promote that atmosphere of joy that infects all families ".

On the day, 15 of the bravest bulls were seen parading, weighing 600 to 700 pounds, and the rider who took five seconds or more won 1,000 córdobas.

The popular tradition began in the San José Oriental neighborhood and was promoted by Manuel Orozco, in charge of the Culonas Cow Committee.

“We moved to District VII to celebrate the peace and reconciliation that our government promotes, we want families to be happy and even more so today that we begin a month full of joy, in which families gather for La Purísima, Christmas and the new Year".

The families of the Americas 1 celebrated the beginning of December with a party on the main street, full of dance competitions and dynamics that entertained the attendees.

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