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City Hall lights a 20-meter high Christmas tree on Paseo Xolotlán

Starting on December 1, Nicaraguan families will be able to enjoy the Christmas atmosphere that is experienced in Paseo Xolotlán, the Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda, together with families who visited this tourist destination, lit the 20-meter high Christmas tree to the delight of all residents of the capital.

The tree located in front of the replica of the San Jacinto farm, gives a magical touch to the Christmas festivity that unites Nicaraguan families, Reyna Rueda highlighted the importance of being able to enjoy peace and security on this tourist route.

“We are rich in our traditions, our culture, we have nothing to envy to other countries and in these end of the year celebrations with the grace and blessing of God this is the third Christmas tree that we inaugurate, our country is one of the safest in the world and families feel safe, in this tourist circuit on weekends a visit of more than 20 thousand people is reported weekly and on these Christmas dates we expect the arrival of more tourists to this capital tourist circuit ", he said Wheel.

The mayor said that the modernization of the capital allows more and more tourists who decide to stay to enjoy the environment and all the tourist services offered here.

“We see that tourists stay in Managua and we continue to expand, we have inaugurated many spaces such as the fourth stage of Salvador Allende, more than 50 altars have been inaugurated on Avenida de Bolívar a Chávez, fairs, parks and we continue to give families spaces of healthy recreation and there we are creating living conditions so that the population lives in full the family unit ”.

In addition to lighting the Christmas tree, the artistic presentation was made by the children's group Leonel Rugama, who danced musical pieces typical of the season, in addition to the presentation of musicians who performed Christmas carols, cultural manifestations that were enjoyed by the attendees.

“Managua is very beautiful, I want to congratulate the Mayor's Office and the Government because they have put the batteries to fix every corner, we come very often to Paseo Xolotlán and now that they have lit this tree we are going to come more frequently because the children love it. they like lights and ornaments, ”said Silvia Cantarero.

"The tree is beautiful and even more so with such different details, because we are used to seeing trees with spheres, canes, but this one has the emoticons that we use so much on social networks, a great idea that attracts more," he stressed .

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