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President Daniel Ortega Saavedra and Vice President Rosario Murillo inaugurate the Las Piedrecitas Overpass

“Without the worker there is no possibility of generating wealth, of achieving any development, it is not possible. The worker is fundamental, for agricultural activities, fundamental for commercial companies; A person, an investor can have the resources to invest in a commercial company, but for that to work it needs workers ”, were the opening words of President Daniel Ortega when he inaugurated the Las Piedrecitas Desnivel Crossing, this Thursday, November 29 .

President Ortega described the monumental work as “a Christmas gift for Nicaraguan families,” after receiving the work from municipal authorities chaired by Mayor Reyna Rueda, Vice Mayor Enrique Armas and Secretary General, Fidel Moreno.

The Commander, upon receiving the road work, recognized the fundamental role that the workers played in the construction process.

“And for all these works that have to do with roads, bridges, which are for the benefit of Nicaraguan families, the strength of the workers is decisive. Of course, we must also recognize the decisive contribution of the engineers, technicians, and specialists who work on the design of this work and who make the calculations so that these works can resist seismic movements, tremors, as we say here in our country. The workers, the engineers, the companies complied and the Mayor's Office was in charge of the work. Our congratulations to Reyna, to Fidel, to Enrique, to the entire leadership of the Managua Mayor's Office ”, said the president.

The ribbon cutting of the work was carried out by the Vice President Rosario Murillo, the Mayor of Managua Reyna Rueda, the Secretary General Fidel Moreno and the Vice Mayor Enrique Armas.

The Secretary General, Fidel Moreno, when officially handing over the work of the Overpass of Las Piedrecitas to President Daniel Ortega and Vice President Compañera Rosario Murillo expressed “Commander this afternoon, Compañera this afternoon, we have the pleasure of delivering this work, a road work , located at the intersection of Las Piedrecitas, known as Las Piedrecitas, this work articulates the new highway to León, with the south highway, the old highway to León and the Pan-American highway, which joins the north with the south, this is one of the neuralgic access points to the city of Managua ”, expressed Moreno.

The Secretary explained that at that point in Managua there were 45 to 50 minute waits to enter the capital, given that the construction boom that has taken place in the Mateare area, in Ciudad Sandino, where more of 20 thousand homes and in order to continue growing it was necessary to improve access to the capital, in such a way that new families could continue living in that area of Managua.

“To the extent that we had a construction boom, we were going to have more pressure from the entrance of vehicles. In 2016, when we did the traffic studies, we had 42 thousand vehicles per day, entering at this point ”.

"At the time of starting the works, we had already reached 50 thousand vehicles, the level of growth required proposals for engineering development that would allow us a much more agile entry solution," added the Secretary General of the Mayor's Office of Managua.

The Las Piedrecitas Overpass has two interlocking ramps, which cross one below the other, which allows vehicles to not stop in a single moment, eight lanes that cross under the bridge and four upper lanes, with this design vehicles need less than five minutes to travel.

The longest ramp is 650 meters long and reaches up to 15 meters high. The lowest ramp that passes precisely below the other is 9 meters high and 475 meters long.

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