Delivery of environmental voucher to producers in the regions

The Mayor of Managua in its firm commitment to protect and preserve the environment, delivered the 2018 environmental bonus to 100 producers in the regions, as part of the incentives to practice and multiply production, preservation and reforestation techniques in their plots in favor of mother Earth.

The Environment Directorate throughout the year carried out different technical trainings, with the aim of making small producers aware that climate change is advancing and measures must be taken to protect water sources, avoid erosion and preserve the species most vulnerable to change.

The Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda, reiterated the municipality's commitment to protecting the environment and supporting producers.

“Brothers and sisters, this work team led by Commander Daniel and our Vice President Rosario Murillo aware that the protection of our Mother Earth is a shared task that has executed a comprehensive program for five years that accompanies you who are the wise, who are the ones who know when to sow, how to sow and what to sow ”.

Rueda explained that all the technical courses given to producers throughout these years have taught them the need and importance of infiltrating the land, planting live fences and reforesting, guaranteeing the conservation of forests and the protection of water sources. .

Camilo Fonseca, Director of the Environment, explained that in the last five years, 500 producers from the Pochocuape, Cuajachillo, San Isidro de la Cruz Verde, San Isidro Libertador, Los Ladinos, Chiquilistagua and Las Viudas regions have benefited.

“Since the program began, we have benefited 100 producers for years, all of them from the regions that border the southern Managua basin. If we reforest the basin where the waters of El Crucero come from, if we make infiltration wells and make living fences, we not only prevent erosion and floods, we also prevent contamination of water sources ”.

Oswaldo García, a producer from San Isidro de Bolas, said that the first step to protect natural resources is to understand that this is a shared responsibility.

"We who live in the countryside have the opportunity to improve our lives around us, we have to have the will to preserve the breaks so that we have to inherit it to future generations, we have to grow along with development."

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