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Jenifer Martínez is the queen of the “Nicaragua Siempre Linda” Contest of the department of Managua

Jenifer Valeska Martínez from the municipality of San Rafael del Sur became the queen of the contest "Nicaragua Siempre Linda", the new queen of tourism competed with candidates from the municipalities of San Francisco Libre, Tipitapa, Mateare, Villa Carlos Fonseca, Ciudad Sandino, Managua, Ticuantepe and El Crucero, this Sunday, November 25 at night at Paseo Xolotlán.

In this unprecedented event, the bars of the different municipalities that the competitors took, impregnated the public present in the Plaza de Colores in Paseo Xolotlán with pure adrenaline.

The qualifying jury was made up of the choreographer and ballet dance teacher, Elvin Vanegas, the teacher Mercedes Grijalva, director of the Dance School of the Nicaraguan Institute of Culture, a representative of the Cultural Movement "Leonel Rugama" and Martha Baltodano on behalf of Intur.

The new beauty queen was crowned by the Mayor of Managua, partner Reyna Rueda.

The election of the queen is part of the tourist relaunch of the capital, an event that is repeated in all the country's departments.

The beauty ambassador of the capital will compete with the queens of the other departments in a national competition, on December 14 at the Alexis Argüello Sports Center.

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