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Inhabitants of the San Judas neighborhood celebrate the reopening of the Róger Deshon park

The inhabitants of the San Judas neighborhood reopened the Róger Deshon park to the rhythm of Nicaraguan folklore, piñatas, hopscotch and a lightning soccer league accompanied by face painting, for the darlings of the house it was the perfect way to celebrate together in community the works of renovation carried out thanks to the sponsorship of the National Technological Institute (INATEC).

The park is located behind the popular San Judas market and within the renovation works, painting and maintenance of the perimeter mesh were carried out, maintenance of public lighting, and repair and maintenance of children's games, which have artificial grass, benches they were also restored.

The park has a children's play area, a multipurpose court and a baseball field, all these facilities are in front of the Róger Deshon gym, the birthplace of boxing champions in recent years.

In sharing with the community, Vice Mayor Enrique Armas reiterate the strong commitment of President Ortega and Vice President Rosario Murillo to continue creating places of family recreation where youth can have access to sports.

"This morning we are not inaugurating just any park, we are talking about the fact that in this neighborhood, in this park promising sports have played at night, during the day, in the afternoon there are always kids playing, that's why it is the cradle of several champions and give them A park with these conditions, without the support of the brothers of INATEC we would not achieve it, this park is the result of working as a team following the guidelines of Commander Daniel and our Vice President Rosario Murillo who take families along this route of restitution of rights ”.

Around 2,500 people live around the park and baseball and soccer leagues are held with the Academies of the Mayor's Office.

Samuel Aguirre is 11 years old and already practices boxing, he and Isaac Cabrera visit the park every day.

“El parque quedó bonito, quedó tuani, a mí me gusta porque vengo a ver los partidos, a fregar con mis amigos, antes la cancha estaba deteriorada, ahora ya se puede jugar.[vc_images_carousel images=”15084,15085,15086″ img_size=”large”]

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