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First beneficiaries of the Bismarck Martínez program receive approval of their application

The Bismarck Martínez program promoted by the Central Government in coordination with the municipality, began the process of verification and notification to the beneficiary families.

Representatives of the Managua Mayor's Office visited Mrs. Rosa Agustina Obando, who lives in the Romín Manrique neighborhood, to notify her that her application has been approved, Mrs. Rosa is the mother of three children, two little women and a male child with a disability and all her Life has lived with his mother and now he will be able to fulfill the dream of having a decent lot, where he will build his home to live in with his children.

“Thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ who enlightened the President's mind so that we could have a decent piece of land and a house. Since I found out about this program, I applied and I knew that they would give it to me because of my situation, ”said Obando.

"I know that the heart of the President and Vice President is very good because they help the poor and may God continue to bless this Government and the poor so that we are worthy of a home."

Obando commented that he has lived with his parents for forty years. "We are four families in this house and from today I will have something of my own," he stressed.

María Elibette Uriarte Aguirre, is another beneficiary of the Bismarck Martínez program, she is a single mother of two boys and has been renting in the Reparto España for a little over 10 years.

“I feel very happy, very happy because I am going to have something of my own to be with with my children, at last that nightmare of renting will go away. Only with this Government can one have opportunities to acquire something of their own, at a price that we will never find elsewhere. This Revolutionary Government of Commander Daniel is the only one that looks out for the Nicaraguan people and those most in need. I am a single mother, I have two children, I pay rent and my children's studies, ”said Uriarte.

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