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Parque Héroes y Mártires de la Colonia 10 de Junio was renovated

To the rhythm of comparsas, folk dances and the joy that the clowns bring and the pampered faces of the house, as a family, they celebrated the reopening of the Héroes y Mártires de la Colonia 10 de Junio park.

The reconstruction and remodeling of the park directly benefits more than 3,000 inhabitants and indirectly the residents of the neighborhoods Paula Corea, Ducualí, Reparto Colombia, Villa Don Bosco and El Dorado.

The beautification of the family recreation space was possible thanks to the sponsorship of the General Directorate of Income in coordination with the Mayor's Office of Managua.

The Vice Mayor Enrique Armas, recalled that this neighborhood with a lot of history and that made great contributions in the insurrectionary struggle of 1979, today relives days of joy, peace, security and happiness with the new park.

“With the contribution of 350 thousand córdobas, the mesh was changed, painting works were carried out, the children's play area was conditioned and a rubber floor was installed so that children do not hurt themselves when they fall, the public lighting was improved, they are 19 lights, all worked, the multipurpose field was restored and the perimeter mesh of the field ”.

The Deputy Mayor stressed that due to the guidance of the Good Government, the WI-FI was rehabilitated, so that families can enjoy free Internet services, especially the kids who are already on vacation.

The Deputy Mayor of Managua, Enrique Armas, the delegate of District V, Jairo Espinoza, families and children from the June 10 neighborhood participated in the opening ceremony, accompanied by the music of the Evolution troupe.

The residents stressed that the Good Government is the only one that works for the joy, recreation, and recreation of all Nicaraguans.

María Estela Oviedo, a mother of three children and a resident of the neighborhood, said she was happy about the project to recover spaces for families.

"That our government thinks of the spoiled ones of the revolution, guaranteeing a nice, clean and quiet space where our children can play safely, that is priceless."

The inhabitants of the colony decided to honor the memory of the heroes of the colony with the new park, as expressed by Laureano Silva.

“This is one of the achievements of our revolution, especially in this bastion of struggle, where we have 22 fallen martyrs and that is why it bears the name of Heroes and Martyrs of the June 10 colony and this reopening obeys the commitments of the Good Government, guaranteeing peace and tranquility ”.

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