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Delivery of solidarity housing advances in its second stage

The decent housing program carried out by the Central Government in coordination with the municipality and with the support of the Government of China Taiwan to benefit families affected by the rains, begins its second stage with the delivery of housing number twenty.

The families benefited this week are from the neighborhoods Juan Emilio Menocal from District II, Benedicto Valverde from District IV, Germán Pomares from District V and Villa Venezuela from District VII.

Doña María Teresa Ortiz, along with her husband Alberto Taleno and her son, benefited from the housing program that restores the right to live in peace and security, a right promoted by the Government of President Commander Daniel Ortega with the support of the Republic of China Taiwan

The delivery took place in the midst of piñatas, games and clowns that give joy to the protagonists of the project.

A decent home guarantees a happy family, were the words of Mayor Reyna Rueda during the ceremony.

“Living in peace with security is priceless and that is all we Nicaraguans want, one more home, one more family, who will live happily, because they are safe, they will sleep in peace, because they are no longer in danger of losing their roof and This is possible thanks to the will of Commander Daniel and Compañera Rosario with the support of our brother people of China Taiwan ”.

The Ambassador of China Taiwan, Jaime Chi Mu Wu, accompanied by his wife expressed that a safe house is the best legacy for families.

“We continue to support this process, this project by President Ortega and the Vice President that restores the affected families their right to live in peace and security. We admire the teamwork of the engineers, the community and the artists that accompany the Mayor. ”

The Taleno Ortiz family has lived in the neighborhood for 28 years and every winter was a nightmare because of how dilapidated their home was.

“God's blessing fell through Albertito. Our President Daniel, with the support of the Embassy of China Taiwan and the people who are always in solidarity. This is proof that things are being accomplished ”, were the words of Mr. Alberto Taleno.

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