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Ciudad Sandino begins its tourist relaunch

The 13 areas and 4 regions of Ciudad Sandino came together to carry out the tourist launch of the municipality under the slogan "Nicaragua always beautiful", at a press conference held at the Hotel Presidente, chaired by the Managua Tourist Office together with the protagonists of the sector The private sector presented national and foreign tourists with a range of options that are part of the sector's tourist route.

The Mayor of Ciudad Sandino, Raymundo Flores, together with the Vice Mayor Scarleth Solís, in the company of the Vice Mayor Enrique Armas and Vice Mayors of the Department of Managua, reiterated the commitment of the Local Governments in company with the private initiative, to promote tourism as an engine of local economies.

"We do the tourist relaunch of Ciudad Sandino with much love for our land with our government and with faith in our brothers who work in the tourism sector, that together we can offer national and foreign tourists the best of the tourist route of this zone".

The Vice Mayor Enrique Armas, explained that when the Christmas holidays arrive, the capital prepares a series of options to provide the citizens and foreign tourists with family fun and safety.

“As the Tourist Office of the capital, we recognize the tireless work of the business brothers in the tourism sector of Ciudad Sandino, to offer top quality destinations where we can see our culture, our gastronomy reflected and this is possible thanks to the efforts of each of you and the support of the Government led by Commander Daniel and Compañera Rosario who promote investment programs and support for tourism that reflects an Always Beautiful Nicaragua, ready with open arms to receive national and foreign visitors, ”said Armas.

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