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Families from four neighborhoods celebrate the reopening of Camilo Ortega Park

The total renovation of the Camilo Ortega park directly benefits 1,600 inhabitants of the neighborhood of the same name, and indirectly to the families of the La Zacatera, El Laurel and William Galeano neighborhoods.

The park was built in 2014 and sponsored by ENEL, thanks to the program for the recovery of spaces for the benefit of Nicaraguan families promoted by the Government of President Daniel Ortega.

Managua Council Secretary Jennifer Porras explained that the restitution of rights program continues to advance until the 118 parks proposed for this year are completed.

"Within the commitment of our good revolutionary government led by Commander Daniel and Vice President Rosario Murillo, we are delivering to the families of this historic neighborhood and the surrounding neighborhoods, the fully restored park bringing joy to hundreds of children and adolescents."

The renovation works have an investment of a little more than 1 million 400 thousand córdobas, the project was carried out in three stages: 1- repair of the existing infrastructure, 2- new works were carried out such as the construction of a battery of bathrooms and 3- general maintenance of the park.

Before the works in 2014, in this place there was nothing, with the new park the perimeter wall, totally new traditional and modern playgrounds were installed and a multipurpose court was built.

With the renovation works, the perimeter mesh of the park and the court was restored giving it more height, the access gates were maintained, the public lights with LED lamps, the children's play area was also expanded.

New concrete benches, water fountains, garbage cans were installed, the guardhouse was restored. All its green areas were also touched up and beautified with new plants, which will be maintained once a week.

Mónica Luisa Rodríguez, has lived in the neighborhood for 35 years and says that since the park was built, a meeting point for young people at risk has been eliminated.

“As mothers, as grandmothers, we are grateful to Commander Daniel because here before there was nothing and the lazy people came, now with the park the kids are no longer in danger of falling into crime because they play sports and it keeps them away from the bad companies".

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