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Works are reopened in the Esquipulas Community Park

In restitution of the right to sports, recreation and leisure of the capital's families, the Good Government in coordination with the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power, carried out removal and rehabilitation works of the community park of the Esquipulas region of District 5 of Managua.

This work for the common good was delivered to the community, by Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales, in an atmosphere of joy and festivity, with cultural activities, clowns, face painting, balloon twisting and children's contests.

This community park was sponsored by the Nicaraguan Electricity Company (ENEL), which invested 3.5 million Córdobas to guarantee sports, recreation and healthy recreation for families in this sector of the capital.

With the execution of these works, the park of the Esquipulas region becomes one of the best public spaces for family recreation in the municipality of Managua; where families have playgrounds, a multipurpose court, a battery of toilets, a communal auditorium, gardens and spaces to share with the family and community.

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