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Las Piedrecitas Overpass is 95 percent complete

The Las Piedrecitas Overpass is 95 percent complete and will be ready by November 30, the highest part of the bridge is 23 meters high.

The Secretary General, Fidel Moreno, in a tour of the gray work of the bridge, explained that the 5 percent that is missing corresponds to lighting, signage and painting.

"We are in the final stretch of the project, it is 95 percent complete, the bridge has three levels in the highest part, we hope to complete the work by November 30, in two weeks we will begin to install the green areas, benches, lights and everything that is signaling ”.

The construction process lasted 23 months and the cost of the work oscillates in 15 million dollars each of the bridges, the construction of the 7 Sur takes a year and will be ready in January 2019.

The new architectural trend leads to new designs and cutting-edge technology, the Las Piedrecitas Overpass has the latest technology to face tectonic movements.

“In the construction of this work, seismic isolators that move 360 degrees were incorporated, the concrete is a special concrete for engineering works of this type, the waiting queues will disappear in peak hours because the bridge was designed to manage a vehicular flow of 70 to 75 thousand vehicles per day ”.

Once the construction of the 7 Sur Overpass is finished, the next project to modernize the road network will be on the Juan Pablo II Track, which begins where the traffic lights of 7 Sur were left, which has a length of 10 kilometers and ends in the traffic lights where it was Modern Plastics.

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