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City Hall delivers La Menora monument to Rabbit Yechiel Zayde

Rabbit Yechiel Zayde together with Mayor Reyna Rueda, together visited the Januquia monument, which has as its main symbol La Menorah located on Jerusalem Avenue, which was built in homage to the Jewish community in Nicaragua.

During the visit, Mayor Reyna Rueda made a formal delivery of the La Hanukia monument to the Jewish delegation chaired by Rabbit Yachiel, to commemorate the Jewish holiday that celebrates the miracle of light.

This was restored two years ago, after meeting with Commander Daniel, during the Rabbit's first visit to Nicaragua.

“We officially hand over to our Rabbi Yachiel, the Menorah symbol of light that guides us, restores us, builds us and strengthens us, to continue building our nation with much love, with the example of Commander Daniel and our Vice President, Compañera Rosario, who they always call for love and reconciliation, ”said Rueda.

For his part, Rabbit Yechiel Zayde, expressed “Nicaragua, its culture and its folklore is beautiful, respect its history, no one can change by destroying its history, that is the patrimony of the nation, of the ancestors of Nicaraguans and we thank the Government of the President Daniel for making this monument in homage to the Jewish people, here is the only place in the world where a ruler has built it, we can build it in other parts of the world, but we have to ask permission and do the management, here the Government did".

The Rabbi will be in our country for five days, he will visit the National Assembly and meet with President Daniel Ortega and visit some departments.

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