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Ordinary Session Number Nine of the Managua Council

In Ordinary Session, the Honorable Council of Managua approved the request for authorization for loan management with Banco Corporativo SA BANCORP, for the amount of 2 Million 500 Thousand Dollars, required for the execution of the Las Piedrecitas and 7 Sur Intersection Road Improvement Project.

This request, which was presented by Mayor Reyna Rueda, states that this loan will contribute to the development and modernization of the capital city's road network, guaranteeing a better service to the inhabitants of the municipality and its visitors.

This project is carried out according to the municipal law, which stipulates that the Managua Mayor's Office has the responsibility of developing tasks related to the presentation of the municipal services included in its jurisdiction for the urban development of its population, this implies the improvement of roads, storm drainage, guaranteeing places of recreation and preserving the environment.

Likewise, he stressed that this project to modernize and improve the road network will provide greater fluidity and safety in road and pedestrian traffic to the users of this work for the common good.

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