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Tourism Cabinet of the Department of Managua meets in Tipitapa

The Tourism Cabinet of the Managua department met at the Casa Hacienda San Jacinto, where the municipality of Tipitapa was launched as a tourist destination.

This tourist launch is carried out within the framework of the Nicaragua Siempre Linda campaign, where colleague César Vásquez, Mayor of Tipitapa, highlighted the attractions of this municipality in the department of Managua.

Among the tourist attractions of Tipitapa, the El Trapiche, El Trapichito and Los Termales spas stand out, as well as the different restaurants and places where the family can enjoy the gastronomy of the Municipality.

Likewise, comrade Enrique Armas Rosales, Vice Mayor of Managua and member of the Tourism Cabinet of the Department of Managua, highlighted the tourist and industrial growth that the municipality of Tipitapa has been achieving.

In this tourist launch, an event was held that highlighted the culture and tradition of the municipality of Tipitapa, as well as a fair where Tipitapa gastronomy was exhibited.

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