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Council for Citizen Consultation in District 4

As part of the Citizen Power model, the Managua Mayor's Office presented the Draft of the General Municipal Budget of Income and Expenses proposed for the year 2019.

In the consultative council, it was announced that the municipal budget for the year 2019 will have an amount of 4.790 million 406 thousand 853 Córdobas, of which 328 million 600 thousand 418 will be allocated to District 4 of Managua.

Of the amount allocated for District 4, 89,23% represent capital expenditure, which is quantified 293 Million 212 Thousand 808 Córdobas; which will be invested in the execution of 12 infrastructure projects, 9 environmental projects, 11 district projects, 30 projects and human development programs; as well as in maintenance works, public cleaning and acquisition of machinery and equipment.

Among the 12 projects that will be executed through the Infrastructure Directorate, the third stage of the lining of the channel of the Domitila Lugo neighborhood stands out, the construction of 4 pedestrian bridges, the patching plan, the improvement of dirt roads, as well as the preservation and conservation of public spaces.

Likewise, through the district delegation, the road improvement and sanitary sewer system will be carried out in the Las Torres neighborhood; road improvement and storm drainage in the San José Oriental neighborhood, expansion of drains and sewers in Bello Horizonte, storm drainage in the Los Ángeles and Domitila Lugo neighborhoods; as well as road improvement in alleys of the Costa Rica neighborhood and the Ducualí, Benedicto Valverde, Tenderí neighborhood and zone C of the Las Torres neighborhood.

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