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Cleaning day in capital cemeteries

The Municipal Government began special cleaning days in the capital's cemeteries in mid-September, so that they are in optimal conditions on November 2, the Day of the Faithful.

Mayor Reyna Rueda explained that the conference began simultaneously in all cemeteries, mainly in the largest, such as El General and El Periférico.

"In the General Cemetery we started the cleaning work in September, 39 blocks have to be ready on November 2, here about a million people rest and when winter comes the plants and the mountains proliferate, that's why is that only here we have 120 workers who are in charge of ornamentation, pruning, removing garbage, maintenance is also given to the main streets with potholes ”.

Rueda explained that there are four cemeteries that the municipality serves, but in the capital there are 30 communal cemeteries and when the community requests it, the Mayor's Office collaborates with the cleaning.

"For the maintenance of the cemeteries we allocate a million córdobas, but in the months of May and October we allocate more resources, because in those months the visits increase up to 8 thousand people as in the case of the Peripheral and the General Cemetery."

Almost 100,000 people rest in the Peripheral Cemetery and it has an area of 16 blocks, there is a crew of 50 workers working from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 in the morning until 4:00 in the afternoon.

In all the cemeteries, the Municipal Government will guarantee medical posts, with the support of MINSA and in coordination with the National Police, the security perimeters and access to entry and exit routes will be protected.

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