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Consultative Council in District 2 of Managua

Complying with the Citizen Power model, the Managua Council held the consultative council of the Preliminary Draft of the General Municipal Budget of Income and Expenditure for the year 2019, which was presented to residents of District 2 of the capital city.

In this presentation, comrade Reyna Rueda Alvarado, expressed that this preliminary draft budget was built in consensus with the neighborhoods and communities, attending to their main needs and as part of the Citizen Power model.

At the municipality level, the municipal budget proposal for 2019 is quantified in 4,790 million 406 thousand 853 Córdobas, of which ordinary income represents 64,94% with an amount of 3,111 million Córdobas and income ordinary, have an amount of 1,679 million 406 thousand 853 Córdobas that represent 35,06%.

In District 2 of Managua, 431 Million 458 Thousand 403 Córdobas will be invested, of which 400 Million 932 Thousand 963 Córdobas will be allocated to capital spending, through the execution of 34 infrastructure projects, 9 environmental projects, 9 district projects , maintenance of works, acquisition of machinery and equipment, as well as in projects and investment programs in human development and public cleaning.

Among the 9 district projects that will be executed in District 2, the construction of a vehicular bridge in the Javier Cuadra neighborhood stands out, which will link the Dupla Sur and Dupla Norte tracks, through the avenue that extends from Los Leones Park in the Montoya sector to the intersection of Metalúrgica Martínez.

Similarly, the execution of the expansion of the storm drainage in a sector of the Santa Ana Norte neighborhood, the road improvement in the San Sebastián, Alfredo Silva, Julio Buitrago and Carlos Núñez neighborhoods; construction of a playground in sector 2 of the Acahualinca neighborhood, where a public space that was used as an illegal dump was rescued; Also, mitigation works will be carried out in the Carlos Núñez neighborhood and Los Tubos sector of the Batahola Sur neighborhood.

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