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El Crucero a municipality with tourist offer in the department of Managua

The Tourism Council of the department of Managua carried out the tourist launch of the El Crucero municipality, where the different attractions they offer were promoted.

At this meeting, Adelaida Carrión, Mayor of the Citizen Power in El Crucero, expressed that this municipality is committed to continue growing and strengthening tourist routes, to promote this destination, and improve the living conditions of families in different communities.

The mayor Adelaida Carrión and the vice mayors of the 9 municipalities of the department of Managua attended the tourist launch of the El Crucero municipality, where colleague Enrique Armas Rosales highlighted the effort of the Good Government to promote and develop tourism in the department, which guarantees better opportunities for families living in the area.

Similarly, the tourist entrepreneurs of the El Crucero municipality presented their offers, including Campestre Serranías, who invited families to visit this tourist attraction that preserves a little piece of the mountain 12.5 kilometers from the capital; Likewise, Mr. Alessio Casimirri Labella, owner of the El Buzo restaurant, urged you to visit his business where they can enjoy the gastronomic variety that he offers.

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