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Tour of critical points by Red Alert in Managua

In order to avoid greater risks to the families and communities of the capital, the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua, made a tour of the areas affected by the rains and the critical points due to flooding in the municipality.

In this tour, which was led by comrade Fidel Moreno, it was made through different neighborhoods and communities of the municipality, including the access road to the Pochocuape region of District 3, where the road that was undermined by the erosion of the soil and strong currents that cut off the families of the sector.

Likewise, the Walter Ferreti neighborhood of District 5 was visited, where the Municipality is carrying out the construction of 340 linear meters of gutter and bridge box, a work that provides security to the families that adjoin this channel.

Similarly, the families of the Los Angeles neighborhood of District 5 were served, where a riverbed street affects the adjoining houses, in which immediate work will be carried out to avoid further damage to the inhabitants of this area.

Likewise, comrade Fidel Moreno said that the rains are expected to prevail in the next 48 hours, for which reason the red alert was decreed that activates the system of prevention and attention to disasters; The Mayor's Office has already had a team of 1,500 workers who will be working on monitoring and attending to damages caused by the rains.

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