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“Bismarck Martínez” Dignified and Safe Housing Social Program receives applications

The Local Government, with the support of the Central Government, began this Monday, October 15, receiving documents from applicants for the Bismarck Martínez Dignified and Safe Housing social program.

The housing program began in its first phase with an urbanization of 50 lots in the Los Corteses community of District V and the beneficiaries are 14 families from Laureles Norte, 5 families from the Enrique Smith neighborhood, 17 families from Villa Holanda and 15 families from the neighborhood. Frawley of District III, all were located in critical points of the capital, their transfer to the new urbanization was achieved thanks to negotiation and dialogue.

The beneficiaries will pay 75 installments of $ 20 per month in six years and three months. Once they finish paying, they will have the option of opting for another financing of $ 1,500 to improve their homes from time to time.

Ofelia Cruz, promoter of the Social Program, explained that applicants, if they do not have an INSS butt, can present a salary certificate.

“The land program for the people is an initiative of our Government to benefit families living in overcrowding. When filling out the application, they must present denial of assets, children's birth certificates, proof of income ”.

Once the data are registered, there will be a technical commission to verify the socioeconomic situation of the families.

Sonia Belinda Bermúdez, lives in the Laureles Norte neighborhood, is a single mother, works on her own, selling nacatamales, tortillas and has been renting for 12 years.

"I thank God for this miracle that we can see today, no government had worried about those of us who do not have the resources to buy a house, only Commander Daniel has been the only one who thinks about those of us who do not have a fixed income" .

In the Corteses, the lots have an average area of 150 square yards; It has 8.75 varas of front by 16 varas of depth, these lots have the characteristics that are already enabled, with potable water and the system of electricity, public lighting and sewage is being completed, in this case they will have sewage service, but there will be others depending on the location that will not have that service.

The municipality has foreseen that all the lands that are chosen to make the developments of the Bismarck Martínez housing program, must have the essential services, such as transportation and health.

In the case of Los Corteses, the route 168 and 118 passes 800 meters away. The La Libertad school that offers primary and secondary schools is also nearby, at the same time, families will be able to access health services at the Iranian specialty hospital and the Villa Libertad health center.

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