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Mayor presents the Draft Budget for the year 2019

In the extraordinary session number four, Mayor Reyna Rueda presented the Draft Budget of Expenditures and Income for the year 2019.

In compliance with the Municipal Budgetary Regime Law, which amounts to 4,790,406,853 córdobas, the budget proposal for next year is the result of consensus and the participatory model.

The budget includes projects demanded by the population in the different neighborhoods and regions.

"This budget project supports a proposal for works and projects, programs and municipal services, which makes it possible to continue the great mission of transforming and beautifying the capital city, advancing in routes of prosperity for the Managua people, always accompanied by our National Government," he explained. Mayor Rueda.

The draft includes a projection in ordinary income from taxes paid by taxpayers of 3,036 million cordobas, which represents 63 percent of total income.

Extraordinary income from various sources 1,679,406,853 córdobas, which represents 35 percent of income.

The expenditure projection reflects a capital expenditure of 3,509,509,793 cordobas which is equivalent to 73 percent and in current expenses 1,280,897,060 of cordobas.

The 2019 Annual Investment Plan will execute projects for roads, drainage, recreation of public spaces, cleaning and decoration of the city, social programs.

The investment in the projects amounts to 1,963,841,739 córdobas, the projects will be carried out in the seven districts of Managua.

For the maintenance of the works through the municipal services, 440,760,163 córdobas will be invested for maintenance of the road network, maintenance of parks, cleaning and repair of the riverbed and the de-sanding of micro-enterprises.

To prevent diseases, 211,208,285 córdobas will be invested in public cleaning.

The Managua Council voted unanimously so that the preliminary draft of the budget goes to the Special Commission on Finance, Budget and Infrastructure, to proceed with the process mandated by the Law until its final approval.

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