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Ticuantepe starts Nicaragua Siempre Linda campaign

The municipalities of Managua began the tourist launch of the area, Ticuantepe 14 minutes from the capital through the campaign "Nicaragua always beautiful", offers national and foreign tourists its different tourist destinations.

The municipal authorities of Ticuantepe, Managua and all the municipalities of the department of Managua, together with representatives of INTUR and the private company in the area, promoted the different tourist destinations, the event took place in the Refugio de Vida Natural Reserve Silvestre El Chocoyero - El Brujo, which is an important ecological icon of the capital.

Ticuantepe offers tourists a varied and exquisite gastronomy, it also offers a range of options from hiking to cycling.

Ligia Ramírez, Mayor of Ticuantepe, highlighted that in addition to the 1,600 areas of the Chocoyero reserve and the great variety of fauna and flora and the gastronomic offer, the Ticuantepeños offer the world, first-class care, a lot of affection and above all an atmosphere of peace and security.

The Vice Mayor Enrique Armas, reiterated the commitment of the Central Government with the Local Governments, to reactivate tourist destinations.

"This is a launch of Managua and Ticuantepe, which offers families tourist landscapes, unforgettable experiences in the nature reserve and taste the exquisiteness of their meals."

César Hidalgo, member of the National Chamber of Tourism (Cantur), thanked the Government for the support provided to entrepreneurs in the tourism sector.

"As a private company we support the efforts of the Central Government that benefits us all equally, as businessmen we continue to support this initiative that promotes streamlining tourism throughout the country."

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