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Slopes of the El Borbollón riverbed will be stabilized

The capital commune continues to evaluate the most vulnerable points in the capital's storm drainage, to implement immediate mitigation measures while the winter ends.

In the case of District VI, one of the areas most affected by the rains was the community of Monte Fresco, where at least 20 homes near the edges of the El Borbollón channel are in danger of undermining.

Fidel Moreno, Secretary General of the commune, confirmed that the slopes of the river will be stabilized immediately and at the beginning of next year definitive works will be carried out.

“Despite the large volumes of water that circulated through the channel, there was no overflow as in previous years, which flooded about 2000 homes, today we only have a group of 12 to 20 homes that are at risk of undermining. To avoid that, we are going to stabilize its slopes but the definitive solution is the lining of 100 linear meters downstream, we will do that once winter is over ”.

Moreno explained that the urgency is the first 100 meters, but as far as possible the rest will be covered, once the first phase begins, it will take a period of approximately five months to execute it.

In the case of the Alexis Argüello neighborhood located south of the Borbollón bridge, the overflow problem was solved with the construction of the new bridge.

“In the case of the Alexis Argüello neighborhood, the flooding was due to the lack of channeling of the waters, there was no drainage, nor was there any outlet for the waters, but with the construction of gutters that lead the waters here to the Borbollón channel, this it was a work associated with the construction of the bridge and with that work the risks of flooding are minimal ”.

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