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Families celebrate the reopening of the Camilo Chamorro park

A little more than 400 families from Colonia Camilo Chamorro celebrated the reopening of their park with piñatas, the renovation of the family recreation space had an investment of 600,000 cordobas and was sponsored by ALBANISA.

Among the renovation works, the painting of the entire perimeter fence was restored, the benches were retouched and all the playgrounds were maintained, new games were also installed, the multipurpose court and all its bleachers were painted.

Reyna Rueda, Mayor of Managua, explained that the continuous maintenance of the parks is to guarantee beautiful family recreation spaces all the time.

"Bringing joy to our children, to our families, is the permanent commitment of our Government led by Commander Daniel and our Vice President, we continue to renovate all parks and courts so that our children, our brothers and sisters have a place of recreation, we have We have delivered 2 parks a day for three weeks, there are 118 parks that we have ready to open ”, said Rueda.

Teresa Galeano, has lived in the neighborhood for 45 years and explained that the kids with the new park have organized into basketball leagues.

"We here in the colony feel calm because our children can come and play quietly in the park in the afternoons, near the houses, without being in danger, and that is something that only the Sandinista government managed to do."

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