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Mayor's Office will carry out mitigation works in the riverbed of the Germán Pomares neighborhood

The building authorities continue to visit the most vulnerable points of the capital, to assess the effects caused by the rains last weekend.

The General Secretary of the commune, Fidel Moreno, together with the delegates from Districts V and VI and engineers from both territories, evaluated the effects and mitigation works that must be carried out in the Germán Pomares neighborhood channel and the Borbollón riverbed.

In both, it will proceed immediately, to stabilize slopes and slopes to protect the safety of the surrounding families. But at the beginning of next year, storm drainage projects will have to be carried out as a definitive measure, as explained by the Secretary General, Fidel Moreno.

In the case of the riverbed of the Germán Pomares neighborhood, there are 9 families whose lands were affected by the rains and they will proceed to stabilize them.

“Mitigation works are required to stabilize the undermined lands of 9 families located in the lower part of the riverbed, that immediately and for next year to build a bridge box, replace the old pipeline, line 100 more meters of riverbed upstream, remember that the last two years we have covered 200 meters downstream and the intention is to connect both parts with this new section that is about 60 meters long ”.

Moreno explained that the project will be carried out in two stages, first a new bridge will be built and then 100 meters of riverbed will be lined.

The capital commune will have to invest in the storm drainage of District V and will carry out a project for families with few resources, to connect them to the boiled water system so that families do not continue to dump their household water into the riverbeds.

“We from the Local Government are promoting household connections, we have been making an effort to connect low-income homes to the sanitary water collection system, this is a permanent effort and it will take us several years to do so, but we have to continue doing this type of works to combat this environmental problem ”, explained Moreno.

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