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Mitigation works in the Monte Verde community

The Municipal Government carries out protection and mitigation works in the Monte Verde community located in the Cuajachillo region, the works are to protect a rain discharge that leads the waters to an unlined channel.

The project was carried out last year and the rains over the weekend damaged the slopes of the riverbed and the land of 8 houses.

For the inhabitants of the area, it is essential to protect the street because it is the only access route, the Secretary General, Fidel Moreno, explained that the works protect both the families surrounding the riverbed and the infrastructure of the street, which is vital to the community.

“Companion President and Compañera Rosario have guided us to reduce the vulnerable points, this is one of them, the works that are being carried out are to stabilize the slopes of the channel that were affected by the rains, we are also going to protect and stabilize the lands out of 8 families, it is important that we protect the storm drain and the street, since it is the only access road in the area, ”Moreno explained.

The street and the storm drain benefit a little more than 300 families and since the road improvement project was carried out, the community has had a passable street at all times.

Yessenia Bárcenas, a resident of Monte Verde, thanked the Mayor's immediate response to prevent the street from deteriorating, which would cut off the community.

“We are grateful and we thank the Government for the support and immediate response to the situation we are experiencing with the rains, approximately 300 families live here and for us it is vital that the street does not split in two as before, here Caponeras, buses pass by, the kids go to class and people go to church, not to mention that water trucks also come for the people ”.

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