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Municipality carries out repair and mitigation works in the Walter Ferreti neighborhood channel

The Municipal Government began mitigation works in the channel of the Walter Ferreti neighborhood, which is being lined in a second phase. The rains of the weekend undermined the part of the river that was not lined and affected eight families, the Mayor's Office is carrying out cleaning and stabilization works to protect the affected homes.

Fidel Moreno, Secretary General of the commune, explained that if time permits, the stabilization and protection works of the surrounding lands will begin tomorrow.

“When we have phenomena like the one we had, the land slopes collapse, erode and that caused 8 homes to be at risk, this entails carrying out two processes, the first, mitigation works to protect families at risk. to install gabions to stabilize the slopes and if time permits, to give continuity to the lining of the channel, we will be lining 80 meters, this drainage work was in its second phase of execution ”.

Doña Flora Elena Castro, has lived in the neighborhood for 25 years and is one of the eight families affected.

“We felt reassured to see the immediate response that the Commander gave to this emergency, so much water fell that the latrine collapsed, the trees fell and the work on the channel was well advanced, until the rain began, there was so much water that damaged it, but thank God they are already repairing it and they are going to assure us the land so that there are no more landslides ”.

Among the neighborhoods that were affected in District V are: Ariel Darce, United Nations, El Morro community in the San Antonio Sur region, Esquipulas, Las Jagüitas and the El Dorado track with falling trees.

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