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Mayor's Office will build 12 decent homes for families affected by rain

The municipal authorities toured Districts I, II, IV and V, to evaluate the process of construction of new decent homes, which is being carried out urgently to benefit the families affected by the rains this weekend, caused by the center low pressure that affected the country.

There are 12 homes in total and in a term of five days they will be ready, as confirmed by Reyna Rueda, Mayor of Managua.

"We have traveled through all the districts to assess the damage caused by the rains, there are 12 houses totally affected and following the instructions of our President, they will be built immediately, in five days they will be ready, to guarantee the safety and tranquility of the families" .

The beneficiaries with decent housing are Isaías Hondoy Vallecillo in the Acahualinca District II neighborhood, Velia Estrada in the Hilario Sánchez District IV neighborhood and Olga María Vásquez in the Riguero District I neighborhood.

Velia Estrada and her husband have 3 children, they live in the Hilario Sánchez neighborhood and their house collapsed due to the rains.

"Only God knocks and opens doors and I feel grateful because I do not have the resources to repair a house, much less to build a new one, without the help of a human and sensitive government such as that of the Commander, I do not know where I would be with my children", Estrada expressed.

In the count of damages caused by the rains, there are 26 families who evacuated themselves in the Santa Elena neighborhood of District VI, who are in a temporary shelter installed in a community church.

All Districts were affected, but Districts III and V were the most vulnerable.

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