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Accompaniment and care for families affected by rains

As part of the Citizen Power model, the Managua Mayor's Office, in coordination and communication with the organized community of the different neighborhoods and districts of the capital, provided support and care to families affected by the weekend rains.

The support was provided from the first moment, with the activation of the Neighborhood Disaster Prevention and Attention Committees, who in coordination with the Municipality identified, monitored and cared for the families who suffered damages due to the rains.

The building authorities carried out a tour of the 7 districts of the capital, giving attention to the families who were in danger, due to flooding, collapse of their homes, falling trees, walls, landslides and damaged roads, because of the last rains.

Throughout the municipality of Managua, 12 homes destroyed by the rains were identified, which since this Sunday are being rebuilt, as well as 6 houses that collapsed their roofs and are being changed.

Likewise, it was announced that in the Santa Elena neighborhood of District 6, 70 homes with flooding were identified, of which 26 families were temporarily evacuated in the El Buen Samaritano Baptist Church, who were supplied with mats, blankets and food.

Similarly, work is being done on the repair of rural roads that were also affected; as well as in the stabilization of the slopes of the channels.

In an uncoated section of the La Primavera riverbed, the slope of the river was undermined, endangering the lives of families in the sector, so work began on the installation of gabions to stabilize the slopes; It should be noted that the La Primavera riverbed has been covered in 4 stages of construction of its walls, in the section from the north highway to the brewery sector; thus guaranteeing safety and better conditions to more than 5 thousand families that live in this area.

These works are carried out in compliance with the mandate of the Good Government, which in the last 11 years has oriented to attend to families in the event of disasters, preserving human life and improving their conditions; With this assistance, critical flood points have been significantly reduced in the municipality of Managua, and the relocation and construction of approximately 10 thousand homes in the capital has been guaranteed.

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