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Night tour to serve families affected by rains

Authorities from the Managua Mayor's Office together with the Civil Defense and the organized community toured the neighborhoods and communities of the municipality that were affected by rains on the night of Friday, October 5.

This tour of accompaniment, evaluation and attention to the families affected by the rain on Friday visited the Cruz del Paraíso community in District 1 of Managua, where a sinkhole collapsed, endangering the lives of the families of Mr. Pedro Morales. that was immediately intervened with the filling and repair of the same.

Likewise, the El Morro community of the San Antonio Sur Region of District 5 was visited, where a family was evacuated to a safe area, because they lived in the El Morro community of District 5 of Managua, in an area of danger due to collapse. .

A section of the uncoated La Primavera riverbed was also traveled, where the rain undermined its slopes and endangered the lives of the families that live on its banks, who were transferred to neighboring solidarity houses, which housed the affected families. .

For their part, the families of these communities thanked Good Government for the quick action that always characterizes them in the face of natural disasters; This was stated by Mr. Marcial Bermúdez and Mrs. Yolanda Tijerino.

Comrade Fidel Moreno, Secretary General of the Mayor's Office of Managua announced that until the night of Friday, October 5, there were 10 neighborhoods affected, where 14 flooded homes were reported.

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