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Paseo Xolotlán headquarters of the National Contest for Innovation in Crafts

On Saturday, September 29, the National Contest for Innovation in Crafts was held in the central square of Paseo Xolotlán, which was inaugurated by the Vice Mayor of Managua, Enrique Armas Rosales, who welcomed the participants of this event.

85 artisans who represented the art and culture of their municipalities participated in this contest, who previously won the departmental contests and were selected to participate in the national contest. In this event, the first 3 places of traditional and contemporary crafts were awarded.

In the category of traditional crafts, the first place was obtained by the craftsman Julio López, a native and representative of Bluefields, Autonomous Region of the South Caribbean Coast, who presented his art carved in wood, which represented the economic activity of the six ethnic groups of the Costa Caribe, under a torch cup that represents the unity and equality of rights between the different races; Second place was won by artisan Haydée Consuelo Blandón and third by artisan María Martha Hernández from the Loma Panda community, in the municipality of San Lucas, Madriz.

In the contemporary crafts category, first place was won by artisan Hugo Colindres, from the Madriz municipality, with a helicopter made from recycled tires; second place was won by artisan José Vicente Silva and third by artisan Ana María Estrada.

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