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Mayor's Office conducts Informative Council of the First Quarter of Municipal Management

In compliance with the Municipalities Law and as part of the Citizen Power model, the Managua Council presented in the municipal council the report of the first quarter of management, corresponding to the months of January, February and March of the year 2018.

In the first ordinary informative meeting, comrade Enrique Armas Rosales announced that this quarter progress was made in the programs and projects of the Annual Investment Plan, as well as in the Annual Operating Plan of the municipality.

In a summary of the achievements, it was highlighted that the total income was 1 thousand 771 million 413 thousand 473 net Córdobas; likewise, he said that the total expenditures were 1 thousand 42 million 140 thousand 141 Córdobas.

With this amount collected, the execution of 201 projects contemplated in the Annual Investment Plan was carried out, with an amount of 178 million 273 thousand 565 Córdobas; It also reported that in road works, the conditions of 158 blocks of streets were improved, which includes the reconstruction and expansion of the municipality's road network, 321 blocks of dirt streets and 48 cobblestone blocks were maintained; construction works and expansion of the system were carried out in storm drainage; In addition, 43 projects for the recovery and beautification of public spaces were carried out; in human development projects and programs, more than 27 thousand people were served; in the cleaning of the city indicated that 123 thousand 286 tons of garbage were collected.

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