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Mayor provides Management Report for the Second Quarter of the Year 2018

In the ordinary session number 7 of the Honorable Council of Managua, the Mayor of the Citizen Power of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, provided the second quarterly report of the municipal management corresponding to the months of April, May and June.

In the presentation of the report, comrade Reyna Rueda Alvarado, announced that in the second quarter of the year, the Municipality obtained total income of 915 Million 825 Thousand 26 net córdobas, a period in which ordinary income generated a collection of 585 Million 139 Thousand 923 córdobas, achieving compliance with 92%, this represents 64% of the total income obtained.

The behavior of the income was as follows, the municipal income tax corresponded to 485 Million 512 Thousand 276 Córdobas; Enrollment and Licenses 19 Million 584 Thousand 570 Córdobas; Real Estate 18 Million 154 Thousand 626 Córdobas; Bearing 3 Million 874 Thousand 451 Córdobas; Rate for Garbage 12 Million 783 Thousand 921 Córdobas and miscellaneous income was 42 Million 100 Thousand 137 Córdobas.

In extraordinary income, which comes from external financing, 330 million 685 thousand 103 Córdobas were received. Expenditures were 749 Million 393 Thousand 776 Córdobas, of which 59% corresponds to capital expenditures and 41% to current expenses.

In infrastructure works, the Capital Commune promoted the execution of 251 projects contemplated in the annual investment plan for 2018, with an investment of 246 Million 178 Thousand 346 Córdobas; Through the improvement of the conditions of 394 blocks of streets, the reconstruction of 270 blocks with asphalt mix, the road network was expanded with 124 new blocks of streets; In street maintenance, the conformation and repair of 333 blocks of dirt streets was achieved, which includes the rehabilitation of rural roads, as well as the maintenance of 41 blocks of cobbled streets.

In the pluvial drainage component, 23 million 729 thousand 258 Córdobas were invested, through the completion of works and maintenance of the drainage to strengthen its capacities in the capital, with the expansion of the network by 1 thousand 304 meters of pluvial pipes, construction of 28 manholes, 54 square meters of concrete ford, lining of 90 meters of canals and installation of 120 manjole covers; The cleaning of 3 thousand 868 drains and 14 thousand 525 meters of pipes, 205 wells for visits or manjoles and 7 thousand 369 meters of gutters were also carried out, with an investment of 2 million 699 thousand 693 Córdobas.

In recovery and beautification of public spaces, the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power, promoted the execution of 46 projects for the construction and maintenance of parks, courts and squares, with an investment of 79 million 273 thousand 564 Córdobas. Likewise, 27 million 897 thousand 132 Córdobas were invested in Human Development projects and programs, through which it was possible to benefit and dignify the lives of more than 15 thousand people in our capital city; through the programs ALMA Solidaria, Barrio Limpio Familia Saludable, Medical Brigades, cultural and sports activities, as well as days of promotion, care and awareness of the environment.

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