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Young athletes are awarded in the Swimming Championship

In support of sports and recreation for Nicaraguan children and youth, the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua, in coordination with the Nicaraguan Swimming Federation, organized the swimming tournament by category of short pool.

The award ceremony for this tournament was held on the morning of Sunday, August 26, at the Michelle Richardson swimming pool complex, where gold, silver and bronze medals were awarded for each of the 5 participating categories. Young athletes from 9 swimming clubs participated in these competitions in the Infant A, Infant B, Youth A, Youth B and Senior categories.

General Juan Santiago Estrada, president of the Nicaraguan Swimming Federation, said that this was a fruitful day in which 27 records were broken, showing that the quality of our athletes is improving.

Likewise, the competitors of this tournament expressed their enthusiasm and satisfaction, as expressed by the athlete Shelsy Hernández Paniagua of the Los Delfines club, who also urged young people to practice swimming that contributes to their integral development.

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