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Boat ready to receive Santo Domingo

One day before the traditional blessing of the ship, the Capital Commune will deliver to the family of Lisímaco Chávez, on behalf of all Managua, the ship that will transport Santo Domingo de Guzmán, with the motto "We Renew Our Vocation of Missionary Disciples."

Reyna Rueda, Mayor of Managua, in the company of Vice Mayor Enrique Armas, once again ratified the commune's support for the patron saint festivities that are held year after year in honor of the Patron Saint, once again the cultural magazines will be the delight of hundreds of residents of the capital who are waiting for the Saint in La Morita, this was confirmed by the Mayor of all Managuas.

“This is a very special and important moment for all the Managuas and we thank God for continuing to accompany all the families in this devotion to Santo Dominguito, reflected in the overflow of promising people, who this August 1 will accompany him in his journey until he reaches his home where he will stay for 10 days, ”said Rueda.

The workers of the commune in a record day, prepared the ship to receive Santo Domingo, at the same time they will provide logistical support in different parts of the capital, informed the Deputy Mayor Armas.

“We want to congratulate the colleagues of the Batahola Campus and the entire Mayor's Office, who worked on the decoration and beautification of the ship for the Santo Domingo festivities, the traditional ornaments were provided by the brothers of the Oriental market and will be delivering to the family of Lisimaco for the traditional sail of the ship ”.

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