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Municipality runs special cleaning days throughout the capital

The Mayor of Managua began four weeks ago a special cleaning day in Districts I, IV, V, VI and VII, to evacuate 18,500 cubic meters of solid waste, which could not be transferred to the plant where the garbage is processed domiciliary due to the lack of access to the neighborhoods.

A month later and when there is free access to the neighborhoods, the most vulnerable points of the city continue to be attended to, with special crews to cover in their entirety and under the protection of the National Police, the 70 public cleaning routes in the Districts above, although the collection truck fleet was not complete.

In 30 days, 3 thousand 803.33 tons (18,500 cubic meters) of garbage were evacuated from the neighborhoods: 8 de Marzo, Américas 1, Américas 3, Colonia 9 de Junio and the main street of Villa Rafaela Herrera, Colonial Miguel Gutiérrez, Pista El Mayoreo , Sabana Grande track, La Subasta, Juan Pablo Segundo track, Enrique Lorente neighborhoods, Schick cast, Pablo Úbeda, Carlos Fonseca, Isaías Gómez.

These clean-up days include special attention to illegal micro-dumps, transfer centers, and authorized garbage dumps in these Districts.

In this new work modality, the Los Nopales transfer center located in District IV, the Pedro Betancur transfer center of District VII and the Villa Vallarta transfer center of District VI, are also attended three times a week, as well as than the deposits of the El Dorado, Roberto, Huembes, Pablo Úbeda and the Suburbana Track.

The special day is carried out thanks to the joint work of the Public Cleaning Directorates and the General Directorate of Municipal Infrastructure and Services.

These cleaning tasks are carried out by 32 operators, 3 dump trucks of 12 cubic meters, 3 dump trucks of 15 cubic meters, 5 trucks of 7 cubic meters and a truck of 11 cubic meters, and they run days from 8:30 in the morning at 4:30 in the afternoon, including the four weekends this month.

This cleaning day is in addition to the service and schedule established for the collection of household garbage in the neighborhoods of the eastern part of the city, which are Monday, Wednesday and Friday. And in the neighborhoods of the western part on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

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