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Capital commune renews fleet of garbage collection trucks

The Mayor's Office of Managua acquired 15 new garbage collector trucks, which will make it possible to strengthen the public cleaning service in more than 700 neighborhoods of the capital, the trucks enter the service of the population with the start of the campaign "Oye Managua Echémosla todo" This was confirmed by Mayor Reyna Rueda, together with Vice Mayor Enrique Armas and the Secretary General, Fidel Moreno.

“Our purpose is to serve the entire population better every day, attending to each of their demands. Our Oye Echémosla Todo campaign is a call to work together to keep the city clean. If we work together we can strengthen the effort to keep clean from our homes and with these new trucks the coverage will be successful ”, explained Mayor Rueda.

The renewal of the vehicle fleet that is used for the collection of household garbage is a process that must be carried out every 10 years, the new acquisition reinforces the existing fleet, as explained by the Secretary General, Fidel Moreno.

"This year we plan to integrate 35 new trucks to the fleet used for the home collection service, on Wednesday (July 25) the first 15 come into operation which will allow us full coverage and in the second semester we plan to acquire 20 trucks more".

The Vice Mayor Enrique Armas confirmed that the commune has a fleet of 70 trucks in service and with the new acquisition, there are 85 compactor trucks that will be providing attention to the 140 routes of the capital, which cover a little more than 700 neighborhoods to maintain clean the city.

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