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Cleaning and repair of cobblestones in the Unan Managua sector

This Monday workers from the Mayor's Office, with the support of the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MTI), began a day of removal and placement of paving stones on the access roads to the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua (UNAN).

The work crews repaired 671 square meters of damaged road in the UNAN Managua sector, where around 14,110 pavers were reinstalled, to guarantee road traffic in this area of great vehicular traffic in our capital city.

In addition to the road repair work, the Municipality, through the Ornato Directorate, also carried out cleaning and ornamentation work in the gardens of the Rigoberto López Pérez roundabout and the surrounding boulevards, in the same way, garbage collection was carried out , as well as, the chapoda and pruning of trees.

The Municipality and the MTI had 8 trucks, 3 skid steers, 3 vibro-compactors and 96 workers, for the ornamentation and repair of the roads in the UNAN Managua sector.

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