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Happy population with repairing cobbled streets

Families from the Ayapal, Laureano Mairena, Villa Bulgaria and neighboring sectors were happy with the rehabilitation and repair of the Buenos Aires track, which guarantees tranquility, safety and normality in this area of the capital city.

The population expressed that the rehabilitation of this road restores normality to the families of the sector, guaranteeing a better quality of life for the inhabitants of the area, as well as the reactivation of the small businesses that are located along this road. .

The rehabilitation and repair of the paving on the Buenos Aires track was carried out on the eastern side of the traffic lights in the Miguel Gutiérrez neighborhood to the Rafaela Herrera monument and on the western side on the segment of the road that runs from the entrance of the June 9 neighborhood at the traffic lights of the Iván Montenegro market.

This Thursday, July 12, the Municipality with the support of the Ministry of Transportation infrastructure worked and rehabilitated 1,733 square meters of damaged road, where 36,393 cobblestones were installed.

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