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Merchants of the Eastern Market will work normally

At a press conference, the merchants of the Oriental market announced that their businesses will be attending normally all these days, so they invited families from the capital and from the different departments of the country, to make their purchases normally.

The merchant Lilliam Lacayo, said that the Oriental market will be working normally this weekend from Friday to Monday and without interruption, for which she invited citizens to come and make their purchases with peace of mind and security; Another merchant who appealed to the entire population was Mrs. Ligia García, a national clothing merchant, who said that they will be offering good prices.

Likewise, the business leaders Jorge González, expressed that the 8 municipal markets will be working normally, for the common good and because they want to move the markets forward; Also, he called on families to buy from these popular shopping centers.

The National Police will guarantee the security and tranquility of merchants and buyers who visit municipal markets, as stated by General Commissioner Fernando Borge, who added that a comprehensive plan will be carried out throughout the shopping center, through traffic regulators, surveillance internal and external with policemen patrolling on foot.

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